Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jesus and Cheese Sandwiches

Every couple of months, a news story is run that highlights what someone believes to be an appearance of either Jesus, Mary or another Christian figure in anything from food, to windows to clouds. For example, a few years ago, someone saw Jesus in this grilled cheese sandwich.

Well...we have another sighting. This time of Pope John Paul II. It appears that Pope JP2 was a big fan of the Fantastic Four, as his image was seen in the form of a giant flame, a la the Human Torch. Makes we wonder if we will see any future divine appearances of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman or the Thing.


Harry Nads said...

I just found your blog and enjoy reading some of your posts. I invite you to my blog. The gist of it is that I was raised Catholic and recently decided to start reading the Bible on my own. I now am having serious doubts about the existence of the God of the Bible. Maybe you could answer some of the questions I have been posing.

I welcome rational and non-combative discussion, and you appear to follow those rules. I need help deciphering the inconsistencies, science foibles, and atrocities.

Jeff said...

Feel free to post any question you might have or even drop me an email - jwgray78 at I will also take a look at your blog.

I have asked many questions on similar subjects that you mention. I don't pretend to have every answer -- no one does. If they do pretend to have them, be careful.

I became a Christian at an early age, fell away from the church later in life, and came back after finding people and books that could answer my difficult questions.

I look forward to our exchanges.