Monday, December 17, 2007


Borders book stores is giving away a controversial Christmas card reading “O come all ye faithless” with every copy of Richard Dawkins’ book, The God Delusion. Apparently, folks have become quite offended over the whole thing. Call me thick skinned, but I don't see this as an attack on Christianity, nor do I feel we need to boycott the store. It is an ATHEIST card given out when one purchases an ATHEIST book. It is not like the card is being given out with every purchase of a C.S. Lewis novel. I have to admit, however, that the card is rather witty on a certain level.

To call for a boycott is this circumstance undermines the integrity of this type of protest (which was used by Dr. Martin Luther King to protest racism). Some have also called for the boycott of the recently released movie, the Golden Compass. To an extent, I understand a boycott in this circumstance if folks feel movie producers are misleading movie-goers. Given the extreme comments by the author of the book that the movie was made from, it is hard to say that the whole purpose of the film or the book was anything other than to undermine belief in God. With that said, I will likely watch it on DVD to see what it being said about my faith.

Sometimes I feel that we as Christians are so quick to be offended...if not looking for ways to be offended. If we are so quick to fight, what does that say about our character or our God? It shows that He needs His creation to stand up for Him because obviously, He cannot do it on His own. We are called to give a defense for the hope that is within us...we are not called to be offended.

Maybe I am cranky this evening, but this is just my opinion and it is worth what it cost me to give it to you.

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James F. McGrath said...

Thanks for this post. If someone were to take offense at someone saying Merry Christmas, many Christians would bemoan the 'war on Christmas'. Yet if someone expresses a different viewpoint, they react in the way they complain about others reacting.

I've had a chance to visit other parts of the world, and I'm persuaded the American system, which guarantees Christians' freedom of speech and of religion by guaranteeing the freedoms of everyone works best. Indeed, I think it is one of the reasons the American church has retained a vibrancy that established churches in Europe don't seem to.

If someone feels their faith is threatened by a card that says "Oh Come All Ye Faithless", I think they need to deepen their faith, rather than fight against the existence or distribution of such cards!

Anyway, I hope all the faithful and faithless that may be reading this had a Merry Christmas (or Newtonmas)! :)